Saturday, April 4, 2015

Story 3 - episode 12

¿El mono salta en el león?

Episode 12:

Episode 12 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1.  What do "quiero" (I want) and "tengo" (I have) have in common in Spanish in their spelling?

2. What would the following mean in English, if the "o" at the end usually means "I [do action]" in the present tense in Spanish?
  • salto
  • corro
  • tengo
  • vivo
  • quiero
  • tengo
  • me gustan* los cocos
  • estoy* contento
  • voy* a la casa

3. What would "Tengo un coco negro" mean?

4. What would, "Quiero un coco azul" mean?

5. What would "Salto en un coco marrón" mean?

6. What would, "Corro de un coco rosado" mean?

*Notice that "me gusta" "estoy", and "voy" are exceptions to the rule, which is why we say "normally"

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