Sunday, March 22, 2015

story 1 - episode 4

¿Qué le gusta al mono?

Episode 4:

Episode 4 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1. What does "le gusta" mean? Do you have an association for it to help you remember?*

2. What does the phrase "Al mono marrón le gustan los plátanos" mean?

3. What does the phrase, "Al mono marrón no le gustan los cocos" mean?

4. How do we make a sentence negative in Spanish? (what word do we add, where do we add it?)

5. What would the phrase "A los plátanos les gusta el mono marrón" mean?

6. What would the phrase, "A tres casas les gustan las islas" mean?

*"Le gusta" sounds like "lay goose tah" and I think that "Tah, the goose, likes to lay eggs".

Do you have a better association to help you remember "le gusta"?  Does it look like something or sound like something to you?

Let me know below in the comments section!

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