Sunday, March 22, 2015

story 2 - episode 9

¿Qué hay en la calle?

Episode 9:

Episode 9 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1. Why do we say, "elefante azul" and not "azul elefante" in Spanish?

2. If "salta" means "s/he jumps" and "saltar" means "to jump", what letter on the end of the action means "to"?

3. What would, "Dos elefantes azules saltan en la cama" mean?

4. What would, "Tres monos marrones saltan en el elefante" mean?

5. What would "Diez camas rosadas tristes saltan en la calle" mean?

6. If "salta" means "s/he jumps", how would you say, "s/he doesn't jump"?

7. If "Hay una llama blanca" means "There is a white llama", how would you say, "There is a white bed"?

8. How can we remember that "salta' means "s/he jumps"?*

* "Salta' reminds me of "assault".  When someone jumps a person in an alley, it is assault.

Have a better association for "salta"?  Does it look like something or sound like something else to you that helps you remember?

Share it below in the comments section!

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