Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Story 3 - episode 9

¿El mono y el pollo corren del elefante azul?

Episode 9:

Episode 9 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1.  Why does the monkey ask the lion, "Vives" and "estás visitando" instead of "vive" and "está visitando"?  What do you think the "s" on the end means of the actions: "vive" & "está"?

2. Why does the lion respond, "Estoy visitando" instead of "está visitando"?  What would "estoy" mean in that phrase?

3. Why does the lion say, "quiero" in the phrases: "No quiero una conversación" and "quiero comer" instead of "quiere"?  What would "quiero" mean?

4. What does the phrase "corren del" mean?  How can we remember that it has to do with running?*

5. What would the following mean in English (even if the translation is silly):
  • Los elefantes corren de la cama.
  • Las camas corren de los plátanos.
  • Los plátanos corren del mono.
  • El helado rosado corre del pingüino marrón en la selva azul.
  • Tres monos corren de la calle en la casa blanca.

*I remember that "corren de" means "they run from" or has to do with running because "corren" sounds like "corn" and lots of people often "run" through "corn mazes" in the harvest festival!

Have a better association?  Write it below in the comments section!

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