Sunday, March 22, 2015

story 2 - episode 1

¿Por fin come los plátanos el mono en la selva?

Episode 1:

Episode 1 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1. What does "come" mean?  How can you remember it means that?*

2. How would I say, "The monkey eats"?

3. How would I say, "The monkey doesn't eat"?

3. What would the phrase, "El pollo azul no come monos en la selva" mean?

4. What would the phrase, "Al elefante marrón no le gusta comer selvas" mean?

5. How would I say, "The island doesn't eat the blue ice cream in the house"?

6. How would I say, "The brown monkey doesn't want to eat coconuts on the island"?

*I remember that "come" means "s/he eats" because it sounds like "comb" and a "comb" has teeth which you use to "eat" your food.

Do you have a better association? Let me know in this comments section!

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