Sunday, March 22, 2015

story 2 - episode 12

¿Quién quiere comer los plátanos con el mono marrón?

Episode 12:

Episode 12 with pop-ups:

Additional follow-up questions:
1. What does "Quiere comer" mean?

2. What would, "El pollo quiere comer los plátanos con el mono" mean?

3. What would, "Los dos animales quieren comer los plátanos" mean?

4. If "le gusta" means "s/he likes", what do "me gusta" and "te gusta" mean?

5. What would, "Al elefante le gusta vivir en la calle" mean?

6. What would, "Al pollo le gustan las camas" mean?

7. What would the question, "¿Te gustan los cocos negros" mean?

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